Nine Locations
Date & Time
Sunday, Nov. 14th, 2021 4pm-9pm
Go Back In time
From 1920's - 2000's
Sip back in time with themed drinks!

About Party Of The Decades

Cruise through the nostalgia

Join us for the Party of the Decades May 9th. This progressive decades party will feature live music, food, and nostalgia.

Dress in the attire from your favorite decade and then hop forward or back in time through the night.

With costume contests for each decade and an overall male and female winner, and winners per decade, the night is sure to bring out the best of the decades. Don’t get left behind


That was the day, The Party...........BEGAN

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Brix – 1920’s  

Get lost in the glitz and glamour of an elegant 1920’s soiree. A time when young women who wore short skirts, short hair, and listened to jazz music were nicknamed “flappers.” Charles Lindbergh flew the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in 1927. The 1920s were a time of prohibition when alcoholic drinks were illegal in the United States.

Cars also gave young people the freedom to go where they pleased and do what they wanted. (Some pundits called them “bedrooms on wheels.”) What many young people wanted to do was dance: the Charleston, the cake walk, the black bottom, the flea hop.


The Ritz – 1930’s

The 1930s was a decade in which many people in the United States lived in poverty. The Great Depression was in full effect, but still there were those who wouldn’t let the Depression get them down.

Art Deco was pretty popular in the 1930s among the rich and famous. Silver, gold, black, red, and green are all wonderful colors to use in your 1930s theme party. Some famous stars from the 1930s include: Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers, and Fred Astaire.


SALT – 1950’s  

Fifties Fashions, the peak of the Baby Boomer Years where following the end of the great depression and then World War II people wanted to live a normal life raising a family, teens found rock and roll music and Elvis, parents found more consumer choice and jobs were abundant. It’s a decade where an unusual amount of noteworthy things happened.


Flask and Cannon – 1960’s  

The Sixties gave birth to a popular culture in film and music that reflected and influenced the decade’s social upheavals.

The Beatles are heard everywhere: pocket-sized transistor radios, eight-track stereos in cars, and portable record players. Everyone with a radio can sing along to the thrilling quality of stereo FM broadcasts. Although Elvis works hard to keep up, music is changing for good. The brightest stars are linked to the British Invasion, and the Motown and San Francisco sound.


The Tavern on 1st Street – 1970’s  

We have a serious case of disco fever and it is multiplying! If you can dig it, dust off your platform shoes, pair them with some epic bellbottoms, and boogie down with us at the party of the decade presented by Your 850.

Relive some of ’70s pop culture recapturing some of the decades best moments. cSnack on signature treats from the ’70s. Beer, wine and a 1970s-inspired cocktail on hand at the bar.For many, the 1970s evoke the Brady Bunch and the birth of disco. In this first, thematic popular history of the decade. The fifties were boring. The sixties rocked. And the seventies—oh my God, they obviously suck. Come on! Maybe the eighties will be radical.


Lynch’s Irish Pub – 1980’s

A TOTALLY RADICAL, TUBULAR TIME. Everything was neon and ugly. Color combinations were the worst. Fashion was weird, music was over-digitized and commercialism consumed everyone.

The best thing that came out of the 80s though? By far the movies. I mean, if you are in the mood for a cheesy comedy that’s actually funny, then nothing hits the spot quite like an 80s flick!

The popular toys at of the decade also signaled the age of the video game in arcades, Games Machines and PC’s the most popular games being Space Invaders and Pac Man.


Sneakers – 1990’s 

The one thing that was consistent is that the 90s were and still is known as: Grunge. From Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s matching denim-on-denim moment (#NeverForget), to “Friends,” “Clueless,” and the beginning of the magical “Harry Potter” series, the ’90s was a decade rife with unforgettable moments in pop culture.

Gangsta rap also had a huge impact on the way people dressed, talked and acted.

There were tons and tons of cheesy TV shows and sitcoms, but we can’t forget about what was probably the best sitcom of all time: Seinfeld.


The Wreck – 2000’s  

The culture of america has changed rapidly in only 10 years. From VHS’s to DVD’s to online web shows, these are only just one small part of the 2000’s decade. The turn of the millennium marked a time of possibility and uncertainty in equal measure, with hopeful plans for the future and technological paranoia colliding. We may not have seen flying cars and alien contact, as previously envisioned, but the Internet was starting to show its world-changing potential, reality TV was altering our viewing habits and everyone including your nan was turning to mobile phones.


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